Sally McCoy


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In the midst of the first gruesomely violent event of the legendary Hatfield and McCoy feud, one woman does what she must to save her family. Sally McCoy tells a harrowing and deeply personal story, while also taking a hard look at women’s role in history.

Lane first got the idea for Sally McCoy while researching the Hatfields and McCoys for their 1882 Appalachian Henry V. The events of the play are true - the historical Sally McCoy did indeed undergo this journey - but it is only a sentence in the history books. 



Appalachian Center for the Arts - Pikeville, KY
September 15-October 3, 2019

The Barter Theater - Abingdon, VA
directed by Susanne Boulle
October 4-November 10, 2018

Cohesion Theatre Company - Baltimore, MD
directed by Brad Norris
September 14-October 1, 2017


Sally McCoy was named Baltimore's #3 show of 2017 by Baltimore Beat.

Sally McCoy was nominated for the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize.

Development History

HBMG Foundation's American Playbook - Austin, TX
May 23, 2018

The Barter Theater - Abingdon, VA
Appalachian Festival of Plays & Playwrights
directed by Carrie Smith
August 27, 2017

winner - 2017 festival

Strand Theater Company - Baltimore, MD
As part of the Women on Top Series
directed by Deirdre McAllister
April 21-23, 2017


Like Sally McCoy herself this play is spunky, gutsy, unvarnished, raw and fearless… A piece of Appalachian history is playing out on the stage, right in front of you with larger than life characters that are fable-like but startlingly real.”
-”A Lioness Defies the Hunter”

"Whatever way you choose to approach [Lane] Stanley’s Sally McCoy, you need to do it soon. Who knows? After this one-weekend-only run at The Strand Theater Company, you may not have another opportunity to enjoy it before you’ll have to shell out $100+ and plan a trip to NYC. Because that’s the kind of future I can envision for this work."
-DC Metro Theatre Arts

"The acting in this production is astonishing. There is not a weak performance in this cast of five... Stanley is a playwright of immense talent and with something to say about large subjects. And in this beautifully-acted production, that is plain."
-Broadway World

Lane and Cohesion's production team traveled to Tug Valley to see the Hatfield and McCoy feud sites. See their summaries and discussions of the play in this video!


Read Sally McCoy on the New Play Exchange or contact Lane for the script.