Lane Michael Stanley

Lane Michael Stanley

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Telling character-driven stories
from the margins.

Headshot by Rob Eves Photography.

Headshot by Rob Eves Photography.

Lane Michael Stanley is a director, playwright, filmmaker, and producer, as well as one of the Founders of Cohesion Theatre Company, where they served as Artistic Producer for the first three seasons. Lane has won Best Director from Baltimore City Paper's Best of Baltimore 2016, The Bad Oracle, and DC Metro Theatre Arts, and received the Mayor's Individual Artist Award. They have had pieces produced and read by many theaters, including The Barter Theater, Kitchen Dog Theater, Trinity Street Players, Cohesion Theatre Company, Fells Point Corner Theater, Interrobang Theatre Company, Strand Theater, Baltimore Shakespeare Factory, Gadfly Theatre Productions, and Rapid Lemon Productions. They have been developed at the HBMG Foundation’s National Winter Playwrights Retreat and the Valdez Theater Conference. Their short piece “Addict Named Hal” won Audience Favorite in Fells Point Corner Theatre’s 2017 10x10x10, and they have recently finished a short film version of the piece in effort to secure financing for the feature film. They were featured in the New York Times and USA for their direction of a grunge-era, gender-bending Hamlet. Their short film “Welcome Baby Anderson” showed at the Transforming Cinema Film Festival in Sheffield, UK, and is now available for streaming. They are currently pursuing their MFA in Directing at the University of Texas at Austin, where they have directed Matawan by Dan Caffrey and MotherWitch by Travis Tate.

*Please note Lane is transgender and many awards and recognition can be found under the name Alice Stanley.


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The New York Times
"Dead 400 Years, But Still Very Much Alive"

Baltimore’s Cohesion Theater is focusing part of its season on works by and starring transgender theater makers. For its “Hamlet,” the director [Lane] Stanley, who doesn’t identify with any gender, cast a female actress to play a female Hamlet and a female actress to play a male Laertes. There’s nothing new about gender shake-ups in Shakespeare, but for this show the gender-fluid roles were hashed out in collaborative decisions over whether the characters would be male, female or “fall somewhere on the transgender spectrum,” said Brad Norris, a company co-founder.

USA Today
400 Years After Shakespeare's Death, A Diverse World Is His Stage

Cohesion Theatre artistic producer [Lane] Stanley, who directed the recent Hamlet with a lesbian protagonist, is in [their] 20s, and has re-interpreted other Shakespeare plays to incorporate transgender characters. "People use Shakespeare's work to touch on political issues all the time," Stanley says. "Gender diversity is at the forefront right now, and there's a lot that can be played with and reimagined."





Audience Favorite
Fells Point Corner Theatre's 10x10x10

For "Addict Named Hal"



Best Director
Baltimore City Paper's Best of Baltimore 2016

Best Stage Series
Baltimore City Paper's Best of Baltimore 2016

For The Trans Voices Workshop Series at Cohesion Theatre Company

Best Direction of Plays in Professional Theatre
DC Metro Theatre Arts

For Hamlet at Cohesion Theatre Company

Best Design in Professional and Community Theatres
DC Metro Theatre Arts

sound design, hamlet at cohesion theatre company



Mayor's Individual Artist Award
Creative Baltimore Fund

A monetary prize to fund The Trans Voices Workshop Series

Best New Theatre
Baltimore City Paper's Best of Baltimore 2015

For Cohesion Theatre Company



Best Direction
Baltimore United Local Stage & Hidden Independent Theatre Awards

For Edward II